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Bolla Stool

Bolla Stool

The eldest sibling of the family, Bolla, stands out with its distinguished stance and unique design with a bubble-like protrusion at the top, reminiscent of playful bubbles dancing on the sea surface with every wave. This subtle but distinctive feature adds a twist to Bolla's otherwise simple form. By adding an element of wonder, it evokes a sense of wonder and wonder that invites discovery. When you sit on Bolla's solid body, the soft curve of his body embraces you with a sense of security, inviting you to relax and dive into the comfort of his embrace. A timeless, timeless one. Embodying elegance, Bolla stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of classic design.


Our porcelain (FFC) stools are designed to look stylish, sophisticated and modern in appearance.


SKU: H5306201500123
  • Detail


    Diameter: 34 cm Height: 44 cm


    Surface Care:


    Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

    It can hold up to 350 kg. Be careful of hard impacts or rolling to avoid any damage or breakage.

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