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Modern lifestyles inspire Ash Interni Designers. Producing objects is not the goal. Our goal is to provide a new lifestyle for our customers. The design must involve detail, simplicity, value, and touch from modern lifestyles.

R&D is the base of our workshop. Each product has been tested by highly experienced artisans, industrial designers, and interior architects. Working with a professional team enables us to create many great products and customer focus.

It is crucial for Ash Interni to sustain the same product standards continuously. We are documenting all our production phases in the central part of the R&D process. From the early sketches to packaging for end-user, the whole process has always been documented for all products for standardization. This brings standardization to Ash Interni, from process to product.



 We produce intelligently designed furniture with the knowledge of our experienced craftsmen and designers... Every detail is a new challenge for us to overcome... We act with the awareness that every small detail adds a new spirit to each of our products... Quality is the center of production. should be… Ash Interni works with leading suppliers from Turkey and all over the world, from sponge to fabric…. We aim to change people's understanding of furniture production by offering smart solutions to our customers...


We offer well-designed furniture solutions for your living spaces. Our mission is to create high-end luxury pieces of furniture, including upholstery and panel groups.


Ash Interni Business turns dreams into reality in a short period with its solutions proper to concept, needs, budget, and style. We mainly work on concept projects in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. For your project, it is possible to choose products from our range, but also Ash Interni can develop products related to your company’s design.


Konacık Mahallesi Atatürk Bulvarı No 31 Bodrum/MUĞLA TURKIYE

+90 546 513 88 14

Fenerbahçe Mah. Bağdat Cad.  No:126 Fenerbahce / İstanbul

+90 216 356 66 33

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