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Onda Stool / Coffee Table

Onda Stool / Coffee Table

"Onda", which we are proud to introduce, represents the pinnacle of elegance and functionality of ceramic stools. Inspired by the fascinating sea waves, Onda reflects the natural beauty and fluidity found in the rhythmic movement of the sea. Designed with care and meticulousness down to the smallest detail, this wavy textured masterpiece is the work of talented craftsmen who passionately concentrated on every curve.


Onda's design fascinates the eyes with its surface that resembles the slight ripples created by a breeze on a calm summer day. Each stool is carefully handcrafted using high-quality ceramics, thus ensuring its durability and long life. Textured waves not only enhance visual appeal but also delight the senses by providing a tactile experience.


Our porcelain (FFC) stools; Designed to look stylish, sophisticated and modern.

SKU: H5806201500123
  • Detail


    Diameter: 33 cm Height: 43 cm



    Wipe with a soft, damp cloth; Avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

    Our ceramic stools have a carrying capacity of up to 350 kg. Avoid hard impacts to avoid breaking or damaging the product.

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