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Pietra Stool / Coffee Table

Pietra Stool / Coffee Table

Pietra, the chubby member of the family, exhibits distinct appeal with its spherical structure resembling a smooth stone found on the sandy shore. Once you settle into Pietra, its rounded contours gently welcome you, offering you a uniquely comfortable seating experience that reminds you of seaside tranquility. Pietra's organic charm brings a coastal touch to your living space.


Our porcelain (FFC) stools; Designed to look stylish, sophisticated and modern.


SKU: H5306201520123
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    Diameter: 35 cm Height: 44 cm



    Wiped with a soft, damp cloth; Avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

    Our ceramic stools have a carrying capacity of up to 350 kg. Avoid hard impacts to avoid breaking or damaging the product.

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